Design Thinking for Families: 24-25 March 2017

Work and Play: 18 February 2017

Design Thinking for Kids 1.0: 8-9 December 2016
Thank you for everyone's participation in the December Holiday Design Thinking for Kids 1.0, especially our special guests Dr Andrew Manches from University of Edinburgh, UK and Ms Nensi from PetroSains. 21/24 kids rated the workshop as "Excellent!" Expect Design thinking for Kids 2.0 to return with an environmental theme for more fun & engaging activities in the next school holidays (March 2017). 

Grand Prix: 5 November 2016

Mini Olympics: 30 July 2016

Little Boss Carnival: 25 June 2016

Special Mother's Day Playgroup: 7 May 2016

DIY Cardboard Car Workshop: 23 April 2016

The kids (and maybe their parents) made fabulous cardboard cars. Then they drove them "around town" to the market, Chatime, McDonald's, through the car wash & hospital (and more!) to complete a morning of creative fun & traffic safety learning. Beep-beep!

Reading Challenge: 2 January 2016

Christmas Event: 6 December 2015

Family Day: 22 August 2015

Father's Day Playgroup: 4 July 2015

Mother's Day Playgroup: 9 May 2015

Easter Playgroup: 4 April 2015

Playgroup: 7 March 2015

Playgroup: 7 February 2015


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